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“Empowering success through innovative online learning experiences, our client stands as the premier online coaching institute in Bengaluru, fostering academic excellence with expert guidance.”

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Welcome to VKOACH!

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Empowering academic success for every child through our innovative teaching techniques, personalised attention and expert guidance

Best IGCSE & IB online tutors coaching
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Our students don’t just learn, they thrive with our program!

we believe in empowering students to reach their full potential. With a passion for education, our team is committed to nurturing minds and fostering a love for learning. Discover a learning environment that goes beyond textbooks and embraces holistic development.

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Explore the stories of students whose lives have been positively impacted by VKOACH. From academic achievements to personal growth, witness the transformative power of our coaching programs.

Abhiram S
Abhiram S
I chose Vkoach for my son’s tutoring. He is in the 10th grade now. The quality of instruction was really good. I am happy with their work. Would recommend them to anyone looking for personal tutoring.
Trilok K
Trilok K
The tutor was really good. The mentor assigned to us was very good too. While observing the sessions I noticed they taught according to my level of understanding. It’s a genuine online tution.
Mukund Poddar
Mukund Poddar
Hv been using this for my kid and fully satisfied with their teaching. Highly recommended.
VKOACH-The name speaks of excellence and brilliance. It's the one-stop destination for all academic needs of your child. Student-centric and customized sessions to help each student ace his/her exams with flying colors.
Kruthi Ammu
Kruthi Ammu
I'm impressed with VKoach's IGCSE and IB coaching. The dedicated staff and quality resources have had a positive impact on my child's education.
Abhi Suresh
Abhi Suresh
VKoach's IGCSE and IB coaching is excellent. The curriculum is well-structured, and my child has gained valuable knowledge and skills.
Sudipan Chakraborty
Sudipan Chakraborty
VKoach offers exceptional IGCSE and IB coaching. Their approach to education is outstanding, and my child has shown remarkable improvement.
Noura Bhatia
Noura Bhatia
Vkoach was so helpful! My daughter is able to clear all her issues and the teacher is explaining very nicely. Do recommend.
melania marissa
melania marissa
Vridhu ma’am was a great teacher who had a unique and creative way of teaching. Her style of teaching made me interested in a subject which I previously didn’t like.
Ajunthaa Venddon
Ajunthaa Venddon
Truly personalised learning!! VKOACH is the perfect choice for effective 1:1 classes for IGCSE and IB . The mentors and the complete faculty are driven to share their in depth knowledge and ensure that the sessions are curated according to the students’ needs. Kudos to Vridhu for being a visionary par excellence !!!! Wishing team VKOACH great success!!
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Meet our Educationists

With a commitment to empowering our students to achieve the best, V Koach takes immense pride in introducing our exceptional team. They are not just tutor, they are mentors and motivators. With rich experience in teaching IB and IGCSE online, they are very passionate about nurturing our students’ academic growth. Thanks to their unwavering dedication, they are the driving force that turns our vision and mission as well as your aspirations into reality.

Best IGCSE & IB online tutors coaching

Lakshmi K

MSC Maths

Best IGCSE & IB online tutors coaching

Malini Das

MA English

Best IGCSE & IB online tutors coaching

Gurmeet Singh

MSC Physcis

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Shaping Futures in the Middle Eastern Oasis!


Unlocking Brilliance on British Soil!

Global Reach: Where We Illuminate Minds

Best IGCSE & IB online tutors coaching


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Roaring Success on Singaporean Soil: Unleash Your Inner Lion with VKOACH!

Best IGCSE & IB online tutors coaching

Why Vkoach

  • • A passionate team of seasoned tutors with in-depth knowledge of IB and IGSCE curricula
    • 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 sessions with comprehensive study materia
    • Uncompromised quality of teaching from subject specialists
    • Convenient scheduling of classes allows one to study at times that suit them best
    • Real-time interaction ensured through live sessions, customized content, interactive quizzes and immediate doubt-solving
    • Assured exam readiness with regular practice tests, mock examinations and targeted revisions
    • Individualized and focused sessions to cater specifically to IGCSE and IB students
    • Exam readiness is ensured by practising with past examination papers, corrected samples, and exam-style questions.

• Classes are delivered by specially trained subject matter experts
• High-quality live sessions with top-notch study materials
• Live interactive classes a with on-the-spot doubt resolution
• Access to the class recordings for revisiting the live classes
• Ongoing assessments through regular test and mock examination
• Tailored one-on-one sessions targeting individual student weaknesses
• In-depth practice with past-year question papers and corrected samples
• Timely revisions ensuring exam readiness
• Learn effective strategies and time-saving techniques for efficient exam management.

About Us

Discover the Visionary Behind Our Success: Our Founder Director

Best IGCSE & IB online tutors coaching


“Meet the Visionary Behind VKOACH: A Dynamic Educational Trailblazer

Our founder embarked on an inspiring journey in education, commencing in Bangalore, India. Focused initially on underprivileged students, she forged a path marked by dynamism and enthusiasm. To help her students soar, she tailored individual lesson plans, addressing their unique challenges. This endeavor awakened a profound realization: global students hungered for personalized attention, curated curricula, and caring guidance.

Out of this revelation, VKOACH was born—a premium 1:1 coaching platform dedicated to IGCSE and IB students. Our founder’s mission is clear: deliver the utmost educational quality, empowering each student’s distinctive pursuit of excellence. VKOACH stands as a beacon, lighting the way to academic achievement for students worldwide.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. By adhering to the best academic practices and employing the latest technology in our classes, we ensure that our students thoroughly enjoy their learning experience. Our tutors possess extensive experience and receive specialized training in teaching the IB and IGCSE curricula. And they excel in creating an engaging learning environment on our platform.

Furthermore, at V Koach, we understand that every child is unique, and so are our tutors. They employ teaching methods tailored to individual learning preferences. Each tutor offers classes that focus on the child’s weaknesses and assist them in addressing these areas effectively. This personalized approach guarantees that students not just enjoy the classes but experience substantial academic growth.

Yes. The homework will be given regularly to foster ongoing practice and solidify the concepts discussed during the sessions. And our dedicated tutors review them promptly, offering their feedback.

At V Koach we offer flexible class sizes to meet the specific needs of our students. You will be able to choose from 1:1, 1:2, or 1:3 sessions with our experienced and trained tutors. This allows us to cater to individual learning preferences and ensure personalized attention for each student, regardless of the class size or batch.


The questions you had are answered here

Our demo class is an amazing opportunity that offers the students and parents a glimpse into our teaching methods and learning approach. During this session, you will know what it is like to be learning with V Koach. Our experienced tutors will let you access a condensed yet resourceful session, showcasing our dynamics and methodologies. This allows you to get a sense of how our classes will be helpful for your child’s betterment. If you are looking for subject-oriented tuition or a comprehensive educational solution, this demo class will help you assess if our teaching style is suitable for your child.

Absolutely, yes! Our tutors are qualified educators with experience in teaching IB and IGCSE curricula. Since we want to provide our students with the best of the best, we have introduced a rigorous selection process, prioritising not qualification and experience but their interpersonal skills, effective communication and enthusiasm in teaching with compassion and patience.

At V Koach, we believe that every student deserves to have the best education along with support. So, after the selection process, each tutor has to undergo our special training programme which is tailored by experts.

V Koach has a comprehensive approach to assessing the performance of each student, including;

  1. Regular Feedback from Tutors: The expert tutors provide continuous feedback on students’ assignments, tests and overall progress.
  2. Monthly PTM: Monthly feedback sessions are for keeping parents updated on their child’s performance.
  3. Regular Tests: Regular tests are introduced for students to understand their strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Mock Assessments: Regular mock assessments are conducted to obtain the quality of student’s progress.

Our approach ensures that both students and parents have a clear understanding of the child’s performance, and we work together to make the necessary adjustments to enhance learning outcomes. We are dedicated to the academic success of every child we serve.

Yes, we provide assistance with past-year papers and other relevant worksheets to ensure exam readiness. It is included with our full-year plan. Practising previous years’ exam papers and worksheets will help the students understand the format and types of questions they may encounter. This can improve their preparation and also boost their confidence.

Our aim is to empower students with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in their academic journey.

We’ve streamlined the process to keep you informed about your child’s performance at V Koach. Our online study platform offers several features for your convenience. The students and parents can access class recordings for revision, providing an opportunity to revisit the material covered. Additionally, we provide monthly attendance records, progress reports, and details about the improvements your child has achieved.

To further ensure our student’s success, we send email reminders to parents one hour before each class. If, for any reason, your child misses a class, we will promptly notify you via email.

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Best IGCSE & IB online tutors coaching

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Best IGCSE & IB online tutors coaching

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